We provide hospitals, imaging centers and physicians with the tools they need to market their departments as the best in their area.

About Us


CRA is the fastest growing radiology group in the San Antonio and Austin area today. With our roots in the Hill Country of Texas, CRA has grown from a single hospital and imaging center in 2004 to over 45 facilities in Texas and Oklahoma. Some ask "Why so big so fast". The answer is simple. CRA delivers the highest quality radiology interpretations with the industry's most reliable turnaround. We provide hospitals, imaging centers and physicians with the tools they need to market their departments as the best in their area. Over the past several years CRA has consulted, developed, overseen and managed in office imaging, imaging centers and hospital radiology departments. Our strategy is an easy concept, build the department from a team perspective and create a relationship with the referring world. While this concept is shared and spoken of often it is CRA customers who can attest to our commitment in making this a reality. CRA's radiologists are highly trained general radiologists (including specialists in Nuclear Medicine, Neuroradiology, Interventional, and Musculoskeletal radiology) who read all modalities (XR, CT, US, NM, MR, Mammo) and are willing to help.

Your Department

CRA is dedicated to your patients and we are determined to provide excellent reports in a timely manner. We can improve care in your hospital and community by offering recommendations on your portfolio of services/modalities offered. We will set protocols, help improve efficiency, stream-line productivity, and help your department grow and expand. We cover sites that range from 1,000 studies a year to sites completing 55,000 studies a year, yet they all get the same level of service and commitment. Whether we are on-site or a teleradiology provider, we will run your department as if we were present daily.


One of the most important qualities a radiology group can exude is TEAMWORK. Why is this important to a new customer? Simple, your business's success relies on your radiologists providing feedback and support. Our track record shows our dedication to TEAMWORK and creating a support system for technologist, administration and referring physicians. It is important we help in reaching the goals set by each of the facilities allowing us an opportunity to work with their organization. CRA business is directed and managed with fair and balanced decision making. By allowing CRA to provide our quality service in your facility we can help plan, implement and succeed in making your hospital, imaging center or in office services a true success story.


Your imaging department is important and CRA can help set it apart with guaranteed turnaround time for general and stat reports, customer service at every level, technical support, PACS platforms and subspecialty interpretations. We provide cell phone numbers for each radiologist to increase accessibility and handle technologist, referring physician and administrative questions as they arise.


Community Radiology Associates will provide patients with the highest quality radiology reports in a timely and professional manner. Our radiologist and staff will help inspire, motivate, educate and problem solve to ensure our customers achieve continued success.